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Burnout Coaching

Are you feeling unfulfilled but unable to pinpoint why?


Have you been so focused on building a career and/or a family that you've lost sight of yourself and your own passions?


Are you working hard but questioning your impact?


Are you overwhelmed and wrestling with whether to stay or leave?


Do you know deep-down that you can't keep going like this?


Are you so exhausted that quitting seems like only option?

You are not alone.

Our clients come to us often having tried to ignore these nagging feelings for far too long. Perhaps they've tried things such as changing jobs, read self-help books, wine therapy, new exercise routines, meditation...but those don't seem to work long term. 

Quitting your job may be the right decision for you, but quitting your job will never be the path to happiness. 

We help our clients to uncover and heal from the underlying causes of burnout so they can find more sustainable results. 

If you want to find inner peace and ensure you don't find yourself here again in the future, it starts with doing deeper inner work.


Burnout is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to fix it. You don't have to do this alone, we are here to help you. 

I first started working with Serena in order to help focus my career after feeling burned out from unfulfilling professional progress. I felt as though my career was pulling me in multiple directions, preventing me from growing in a single area that brings me joy.

Serena’s coaching gave me a cadence of career checkups, a knowledge of how to evaluate progress, and a mindset to plan out my future that has continued past our last session. She did an incredible job putting me in charge of my own development while helping reorient my mindset to build confidence. Her coaching led to a feeling of self reliance without getting stuck in the pitfalls of doubt.

Serena was excellent at giving practical advice for resume improvements and interview prep. Her coaching has led me to enjoy the interview process and look forward to presenting my experience and accomplishments.

Since working with Serena, I have felt confident in my own abilities and power to define my career trajectory. Simply put, I know where I want to go and understand the path to get there.”

Nick, WA

Lisa Driver, MI

The cure for burnout is not self-care. 

It is all of us caring for each other. 

We can't do it alone, we need each other.

-Amelia Nagoski

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