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Coaching & Courses
for Individuals

Coaching is all about the future.

It focuses on creating the future of your dreams that may seem unreachable currently. 

With a little support, a little direction, and accountability, anything is possible. 


Burnout Coaching

Are you exhausted?

Does it feel like life is passing you by?


Are you feeling unfulfilled but struggling to fix things?

You are not alone, we can help.


Transformation Coaching

Are you feeling stuck and longing to feel more alive?

Does it feel like you need to make some big changes in your life?

Let us help you build the confidence to tackle this.


Group Coaching

Are you highly motivated to drive some changes in your life but needing some support and accountability?

Do you thrive working with others toward common goals?

Our Coach


Serena Argens, Transformation Coach, Rise & Shine Bright Founder

I’ve always been someone who steps up and gets things done and who lights up helping others reach their full potential. 


Growing up working for a family run business, working hard was part of everyday life and I quickly learned how to manage people, operations, sales, and everything else that goes with running a business. As I grew into my corporate career in sales, training, development, and leadership, I enjoyed the increasing responsibility and opportunity to enable my organizations and teams; however, I hadn’t kept a close eye on how it was impacting my core energy. Burnout crept in and grew, leaving me with an important choice about leading a sustainable life for myself, my family, and the communities I cultivate.


Stepping back from the hard-driving career environment and focusing on reclaiming my energy, I found that the journey from my own burnout to finding balance and fulfillment was an inspiration to help others do the same.


This led me to get certified as a professional coach and dive deeper into learning about the science of well-being, neuroscience, positive psychology, and more. Now I have the privilege of supporting others unleash their full potential in life. I work with clients who have something holding them back from being completely fulfilled in life with finding greater satisfaction in various aspects of their lives; from career, to relationships, to finding more inner joy. 

I partner with a network of coaches and healers to help my clients experience life changing transformation. 

Before sitting down with Serena, I was at an impasse with my business. I had made several large steps but felt stuck and unsure on where I should be headed next. We spent an hour together and I walked away in a completely different headspace.
She not only created space where I felt safe and open to be vulnerable, but asked questions that allowed me to find the courage and confidence to move forward. I walked away with peace of mind and more importantly, specific action steps to take that would propel me further towards my goals. Within a week, I had items knocked off my list that I had sat on in fear for over 6 months. WOW!
I cannot thank her enough for the heart centered, thoughtful, and intelligent coaching. 10/10 would recommend!"

Matisse F., NY


"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction,  a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.
- Pete Carroll

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