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Transformation Coaching

Have you been impacted by a recent layoff which took a blow to your confidence?

Are you looking to make a career or life transition in order to find greater fulfillment?

Are you struggling and feeling somewhat stuck?

Are you adjusting to life as a new parent?

Have you experienced a difficult loss and looking for support in order to move forward?

You are not alone.

We have worked with many clients in a similar position with reclaiming their confidence in the wake of large scale changes in order to find fulfillment. 

Transitions can be intimidating and sometimes an isolating time but there are often incredible transformations that come from changes. Let us help support you through this tender period so you come out on top, more confident and energized by the opportunities surrounding you. 

"Serena's coaching was imperative to rebuilding lost confidence and direction in my career during a time of transition. Her genuine curiosity and thoughtful questions led me to a deeper understanding of what I offer and what I needed in my next step.
We worked together over a few months from unemployed to leading a new team of people. I truly believe our sessions led me to where I'm meant to be in this chapter of my life.
So thankful for Serena and highly recommend working with her!

Devin, PA

Cory, CA

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